Productivity Template for your career as a Software Developer.

Enhance your productivity

This comprehensive system is engineered to supercharge your software development journey. It's packed with features like the Developer Quests, Project Showcase, and a Calendar to keep you on track and elevate your coding skills.

Ready to transform into an Productive Developer? Explore Developer OS, which turns Notion into a full-scale productivity powerhouse, including all these elements and more.

Your Coding and Productivity, All in One Place

Your Coding and Productivity, All in One Place

For years, I've been honing my craft as a software engineer and educator. When I started using Notion, I realized its potential beyond project management. That's why I created Developer OS.

After extensive fine-tuning, Developer OS is the perfect blend of productivity tools and developer-specific features. It's a unique system that combines the best of coding practice tools with the versatility of Notion. And yes, it's absolutely free. I'll keep updating it as time goes on.

Developer OS Dashboard - The Ultimate Productivity System for Developers

Developer OS is loaded with these advanced features:

  • Quick Links: One-click access to essential tools like The Level Up, Project Showcase, and more.
  • Developer Quests: Tailored challenges to push your boundaries and grow your skills.
  • Comprehensive Reading List: A curated selection of books to fuel your mind and skillset.
  • Dynamic Calendar: Plan, track, and manage your coding activities and projects seamlessly.
  • Productivity Development Tips: Practical advice for daily coding, learning goals, and career progression.

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From me to you, this Notion systems, Developer OS is completely free. 

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