About Me


I'm Joshua Matos, a software engineering expert, a former military leader, and the founder of The Dev Dynasty, LLC and JoshuaMatos.com. I'm driven to transform the way people learn and build software. My passion lies in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and the real-world demands of the tech industry.

The Difference

After decades of experience in communication software and military leadership, I believe traditional tech education often falls short. That's why I created The Dev Dynasty, LLC  consultancy built on the cornerstones of expertise, resilience, and strategic thinking and JoshuaMatos.com - an online learning space for aspiring software engineers.

My goal is to teach you how to code and empower you to become a software engineer who can:

  1. Innovate: Master in-demand technologies like Java, React, and emerging AI tools.
  2. Strategize: Embrace agile workflows and deliver projects efficiently.
  3. Lead: Develop the communication and problem-solving skills essential for tech teams

I want to make sure you gain the skills and mindset to not only survive but thrive as a software engineer.

Whether you're...

... a beginner seeking a solid foundation
... an intermediate developer looking to level up
... a business needing to optimize your software practices

Let's build the future of software – together.