By Joshua

The Meeting Struggle

Are you struggling with the hours lost to meetings and wondering when you last wrote a solid code block? 

I understand that feeling. I remember the early days of kicking myself as my coding seemed to slip away while I climbed the ladder.

But here's the thing: those meetings matter – everyone is where you pave the way to your team's subsequent success.

So, instead of dreading them, let's get strategic. Insist on a visible agenda in advance, outline the key decisions that need to be made, and make sure every discussion has clear action items.

Transitioning Your Focus

When you move from a coder saving the day in your 'choose your weapon' swivel chair to tech lead, your job becomes tenfold different.

To be explicit, you are now empowering your team and not straightforward coding one-on-one.

This is a tough shift, from seeing your tasks through to completion to making strategic decisions.

However, using the right approach, those meetings can be more than time losses.

Tools for the New Leader

As you transition into mentor leadership, the tools at your disposal are as unique as your fingerprint.

Mentorship is the first tool you should look at. Sharing your experience and perspective boosts your team and enhances your leadership abilities.

Remember, code reviews shouldn't just be about finding faults; turn them into growth opportunities. And remember brainstorming sessions!

Challenge the old ways of doing things and nurture a culture of innovation.

Show Your Worth

As you grow into the role of leader, clear communication becomes vital. Keep your supervisors informed with regular, concise updates highlighting your strategic contributions.

Beyond mere numbers, prepare quarterly reports showing how your initiatives directly improve team performance and project outcomes.

Collect and share feedback from your team and stakeholders to showcase the tangible benefits of your strategic leadership.

What Does it All Mean?

Shifting from a hands-on coder to a leadership role in software engineering can feel like you're losing touch with direct productivity.

But with strategic meeting management, mentorship, and documenting your impact, you'll amplify your contributions.

Remember, evolving into a leadership role is a significant achievement that benefits you and your entire team.

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